Police Departments


Law enforcement personnel, whether responding to an emergency, making a routine traffic stop or conducting a police stakeout, rely on computer-equipped vehicles to serve as their mobile command centers. Panasonic has created its vehicle-mounted-rugged Toughbook® Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC) to work with its two fully-rugged Toughbook® laptops: Toughbook® 19 and Toughbook® 31. The PDRC's fully adjustable, 1,250 nit touch screen gives officers the ability to easily modify screen brightness to allow them to work in all working conditions, from bright daylight to pitch darkness.

For public sector field crews and emergency first responders, getting to the scene of a crime, fire, disaster or outage is critical and often a life and death situation. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers help public sector workers respond more quickly and provide immediate, remote access to critical information that can be vital in averting or responding to a disaster. Because Toughbook computers offer embedded, robust wireless connectivity, law enforcement, Fire/EMS, hazmat and other departments can communicate and coordinate more efficiently to save lives and property.

Many military organizations, law enforcement agencies and government agencies have awarded contracts for Panasonic products. Contact us at 1-866-770-1807 for assistance with available contracts for federal and state governmental agencies.

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