Many hospitals are turning to Toughbook® rugged laptops and mobile clinical devices (MCA's) as a solution that stands up to the potentially careless user. Rugged Toughbook® laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) include all the necessary features to allow doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to perform a number of tasks- from viewing medical records and X-rays to transcribing prescriptions. All of these products are rugged in nature. Computers in operating and emergency rooms as well as intensive care units also need to have maximum durability to minimize hardware breakage. 

Increasingly, radiologists and other specialists are relying on Toughbook® mobile computers to quickly access medical data to treat injuries, view lab results and even communicate with other employees–in real time. Toughbook’s® are also used to help make the admissions process more efficient‐and quicker, patients use Toughbook® rugged computers to enter insurance data and symptoms review to post-op instructions and even watch educational videos.

The dynamic healthcare industry prefers technology solutions that drive efficiency and profitability. Panasonic products empower healthcare professionals to focus on what's truly important — providing outstanding patient care.

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