Extended Battery Warranty

Since batteries are critical to the operation of Toughbook® mobile computers, Panasonic offers an extended battery warranty that provides coverage on batteries for up to five years - that is four years beyond the 1-year standard limited warranty that comes with all Toughbook batteries. This can conveniently align the battery's warranty with the computer's warranty, providing coverage for both over the same period of time. It can also help reduce the costs and effort involved in replacing out-of-warranty batteries.

An organization can select extended coverage plans for a period of two, three or four years. With this warranty, the user will receive a replacement battery when they call Panasonic Technical Support and it is determined that the battery's capacity has dropped below 50%. The replacement battery is sent directly to the user at no charge.

Specification and Prices subject to change without notice.


  • Pricing for Extended Battery Warranty coverage is based on
    two, three, and four-year extensions.
  • Coverage must be purchased as part of the original Toughbook computer sale.
2-year plan: $175 per unit (CF-SVCBATTXT2Y)
3-year plan: $259 per unit (CF-SVCBATTXT3Y)
4-year plan: $349 per unit (CF-SVCBATTXT4Y)

For your convenience services can be purchased during the configuration of your computer.