Hard Drive Warranty

Allowing organizations to keep hard drives while awaiting replacements or when computers are at the National Service Center for repair, Panasonic's Hard Drive Warranty helps companies maintain security by keeping sensitive data on location. With Panasonic's Standard Warranty, all Toughbook computers are included in the Priority Exchange Program. The program streamlines the repair process by providing user-replaceable parts quickly; however, under the standard Priority Exchange program, users are required to return the replaced part.

Benefits include:

    * Ensuring the security of sensitive data at an organization's location by not having to return the hard drive.
    * Simplifying the technical support process for organizations when a replacement hard drive is needed.
    * Reduction of administrative costs associated with getting hard drive replacements to users.

This warranty allows each user to receive one hard drive per year or up to 5% of an organization's total number of mobile computer failures per year that are covered under the warranty. If the number of replaced hard drives exceeds 5%, Panasonic reserves the right to send a Technical Field Manager to an organization to investigate and identify failure issues.

Specification and Prices subject to change without notice.

3-year plan: $50 per unit (CF-SVCHDD3Y)
4-year plan: $75 per unit (CF-SVCHDD4Y)
5-year plan: $100 per unit (CF-SVCHDD5Y)

For your convenience services can be purchased during the configuration of your computer.