Toughbook Premier

Toughbook Premier is Panasonic's complete warranty solution for organizations, offering the industry's best support program - before and after purchase. Toughbook Premier provides unsurpassed technical support, preferred repair handling, and the assistance of Panasonic's expert management and deployment teams. Toughbook Premier is the most effective and efficient way for an organization to deploy and manage Toughbook mobile computers.

Benefits include:

Unlimited access to dedicated technical support representatives 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for in- and out-of-warranty Toughbook mobile computers.

Streamlined repair process with faster turnaround times and next-business-day shipping within the United States.

Higher return on investment through the use of service trend analysis that allows organizations to quickly identify user issues.

Assurance that an organization's image is consistently deployed to users and managed as part of the repair process.

Reduction in the cost of monitoring Toughbook user assets and other mobile-deployment assets in the field.

Hot Swap Management

As long as a Toughbook computer is in the field, Toughbook Premier provides year-round access to a toll-free technical support hotline, a real benefit because Toughbook computers are known for lasting longer than the three-year warranty. In addition, Panasonic provides parts availability for all repairs for seven years after a model is discontinued. And, end-of-life recycling is provided at no charge when a unit is sent to a Panasonic designated recycling facility.

In-Warranty Services include Panasonic preferred handling, which means that the average repair is completed in two days or less. Panasonic will also repair any minor cosmetic issues and, twice a year, a Panasonic Technical Field Manager will visit when additional training, support or troubleshooting is required.

Among the features unique to Toughbook Premier are Deployment and Asset Tagging and Disk Management. Panasonic representatives work with organizations to review deployment needs and will load an organization's image based on individual requirements, integrate optional hardware and accessories, create and apply customer-specific asset tags. Panasonic will even deliver Toughbook computers to users directly or to designated location. And, shipping from Panasonic's National Service Center within the United States is also included in the cost of the service. Once the deployment service is complete, Panasonic provides the organization with a report detailing all assets.

With Panasonic's Disk Image Management service, the hard drives of in-warranty computers can be re-imaged prior to being returned to a user. Panasonic maintains the image on its secure servers and allows the storage of two images per Toughbook model, so organization's hard drive images can be specific to job duties, hardware and locations.

Specification and Prices subject to change without notice.

3-year plan: $180 per unit (CF-S09SLC3)
4-year plan: $210 per unit (CF-S09SLC4)
5-year plan: $240 per unit (CF-S09SLC5)

For your convenience services can be purchased during the configuration of your computer.